Photos are from top lefthand corner: 1: Location: Unknown. Credit: JY Lee: 2: Location Unknown. Credit: Kiet Vuong. 3: Buffalo River. Credit: 4: Red Rock Crossing, Sedona Arizona Credit: FreeStock Photos. 5: Locaton Unknown. Credit Printmaster. 6: Location Unknown. Credit: Unknown 7: Location Putorana plateau. Siberia. Credit:Sergey Anatolievich Pristyazhnyuk 8: Location Unknown. Credit: Printmaster. 9: Locaton Unknown. Credit: Printmaster. 10: Grand Tetons, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. Credit: Freestock Photos. 11: Sunset over Susquehanna River, Pemmsylvania. Credit: James Wheeler: 12: Location Unknown. Credit: Printmaster.
A river sings a holy song conveying the mysterious truth that we are a river, and if we are ignorant of this natural law, we are lost.  -Thomas Moore
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Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it. -Norman Maclean