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December 2008:

Week of 12/16/08:

Day and night there is movement of foam on the Sea.
You see the foam, but not the Sea. Amazing!
We are dashing against each other like boats:
our eyes are darkened though we are in clear water.
O you who have gone to sleep in the body's boat,
you've seen the water,
but look at the Water of the water.
The water has a Water that is driving it;
the spirit has a Spirit that is calling it.

translated by Camille and Kabir Helminski
[III, 1272-4]

November 2008:

Week of 11/13/08:

Experience is a riverbed,
Its source hidden, forever flowing:
Its entrance, the root of the world,
The Way moves within it:
Draw upon it; it will not run dry.

~Lao Tzu
from the Tao Te Ching

October 2008:

Week of 10/3/08:

Mira has Finished with Waiting

O friends on this path,
My eyes are no longer my eyes.
A sweetness has entered through them,
Has pierced through to my heart.
How long did I stand in the house of this body
And stare at the road?
My Beloved is a steeped herb, he has cured me
for life.
Mira belongs to Giridhara, the One Who Lifts All,
And everyone says she is mad.

from Mirabai: Ecstatic Poems
translated by Robert Bly and Jane Hirshfield

September 2008:

Week of 9/5/08:

"I have come to recognize it: I have remembered myself.  And since the day I remembered myself I have been in a strange situation: I feel compassion for you, and deep down I also giggle at you, because you are not really in trouble.  You don’t need compassion, you need hammering!  You need to be hit hard on the head!  Your suffering is bogus.  Ecstasy is your very nature.
You are truth.
You are love.
You are bliss.
You are freedom."

From The Goose is Out

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