Conveying a feeling, experience or message, art becomes a bridge to a universal connection. On the featured artists below click the picture to view enlarged, or the link to learn more about the art and the artist.
The mystical paintings of
Freydoon Rassouli
To purchase his art or to read more about Rassouli, visit:
The art of
Shan Kelly Cecilio
To purchase her art or read about Shan Kelly Cecilio visit: Pomegranate
Australian Aboriginal Artists
To purchase this art or to read about Aboriginal art and culture, visit:
Maggie Watson
"Women's Dreaming"
Sheila Puruntatameri

Bessy Nakamarra Sims
Honoring of the Sacred Feminine paintings by:
Mara Friedman
To purchase her art or to read about Mara Friedman, visit her site at:
Paintings by Fauvist artist
Andre Derain
Big Ben
Turning Road L'estaque
Banks of the Seine
To read about Andre Derain click here:
The Jazz art of
Gil Mayers
To purchase his art or to read about Gil Mayers visit:
Piano Rhapsody
Sahara Serenade
Soul of the Universe
Ritual Ground
Kingdom of the Sun
The Dance
Song of Creation
Sun Womb
The Path of Balance
Sunrise Ruby