If what is true is repressed, it will bubble up from deep effecting everything in it's path. Volcanoes stand as an omen for change being forced if you will not flow, to a difference in perspective or shift in awareness that results when what we live isn't  supporting the essence of what is really true.
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The Ocean is the wave, and the wave contains all of the Ocean. The individual wave's movement comes from the Ocean behind it. The individual exists because the Ocean exists.
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Nature As Metaphor
Caribbean Wave by Woody Woodworth from: allwall.com
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There is the art of metaphor to assist in truly seeing oneself clearly. Nature displays this so readily if we only observe.
The Berry
The caterpillar lives a whole lifetime in worm form.  However, when one life cycle ends, another begins. It accordingly builds a cocoon when it needs to transform.  Re-birth always requires this. This cocoon is not a hiding from the world, it is what is neccessary for the completion of all transformation.  But, the best is yet to come. It emerges from its cocoon completely changed, identified with a new self. And, it can fly!
The berry represents wholeness. Every tiny seed that makes up the
berry is neccessary for it to be.
Each particle containing a seed of the berry holds a piece of the whole.
Even if each particle is ripped off, no matter how separate each piece is,
they still contain within them the trace of the whole, the essence of the Essence. 
What has the trappings of 'sweetness', can sometimes get you stuck.
Skin hides the fruit.  For a long time we only know our superficial masks.  Do we have the strength to peel this skin back?  The time is now to know the fruit of ourselves.
Root Vegetables
Carrots are safe within, underground, even if its plant above is ripped and torn. At times, what is seen on the surface gives no indication of what is living within.
The mountain doesn't move, trees do.  The sky doesn't move, clouds do.  Stability in the midst of all movement.
Each snow flake is unique.  From afar however, it looks like a uniformed sheet of white.  Be the individual and lose the individual to know your true identity.
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Carrots picture from: http://www.public.iastate.edu/
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Honeycomb picture from: http://www.insecta-inspecta.com/
Banana picture from:
www.usda.gov/oc/photo/ 99cs1473.htm
The cactus represents Truth.  It protects against, and pricks what approaches it unconsciously.  But when there is no difference between 'you' and 'it', you know its secret water source.
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Huge cloud formations change gradually, almost imperceptibly into another formation. This is how gradual the process of human transformation is. The changes are so small that the overall formation looks the same.  But gradually the shift will happen, until suddenly, the cloud is entirely different--- the person is entirely different.
Midnight is the center. It touches both night, and a new day at once. It touches both dark and light. It exists between past and future. The point that transcends time. Neither of two opposites, but a center between them. The center beyond duality.
Night Sky picture from: http://www.theronwelch.com/
A gigantic tree doesn't become that by knowing it's a tree while still a seed. It only knows growth.  Constantly changing, while still remaining the same. Not dwelling on  end results, it is content just to grow and not know where it is going.  The seedling, shoot and mature tree aren't the goal, but the process-- the journey.
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Ocean and the wave
Root Vegetables
Mountains and trees